Yoga/Movement Therapy

Yoga-Movement Therapy Sessions with Tamara Juel Nelson
Discounted package deals for a limited time!
 Yoga & Movement Therapy, Tamara offers unconditional positive regard to each individual client with a full intake, and assessment goals of what they are looking to get out of this powerful body-centered therapy that connects you to your innate wisdom. Tamara is honored to be a guide on your journey to your best, most empowered self. contact Tamara to book your session today!

* I am offering 2 sessions for $100 ($80 for students).

Price for single sessions booked outside the discounted timeframe is $80 ($50 for students).
I find that the best way to gain the transformative and healing benefits of this work is to commit to a series.  Note: Your yoga/movement therapy session can also be paired with a mindful massage therapy session.

Tamara is a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner . These sessions are approximately 60-minutes in length and consist of assisted yoga postures and present moment awareness practice.
Yoga/Movement Therapy is based on the premise that our bodies have been with us for our entire life and that we can hold tension (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) within from our life experience, and with support we can release some of this tension to allow transformation & to live a more free life.
I truly believe that we each hold all of our answers, tools, and freedom within, its just a matter of being present & listening deeply.
Yoga/Movement Therapy is for anyone and everyone looking for a deeper, embodied connection with oneself and in turn with others, which can be useful in all areas of life: personal life, professional life, business relationships, leadership roles, and performance.
To read more about Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, please check out to read more about Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

Contact me to schedule your buy one get one free sessions!

Tamara Juel Nelson is a trained & certified therapeutic yoga teacher and trained and certified Phoenix Rising Yoga/Movement Therapy Practitioner.  She received her training through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, in Bristol, Vermont, as well as Pre-natal and Post-partum yoga training through Niroga Institute in Oakland, CA. She offers Yoga Movement© and  Prenatal Yoga Movement© classes and workshops. Tamara, a graduate of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 2008-2014, as well as a professional dancer and movement educator.

Tamara believes in the wisdom of the body, and assisting others in drawing out their inner teacher.

Om Shanti

To book your session(s) please contact Tamara
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