Dancers & Dance Companies

MUSE Dance Collective

Chantal Shoenherz

Zafira Dance Company

Jill Parker
Foxglove Sweethearts
Maria Hamer
Christine Andrews
Olivia Kissel
Tjarda Van Straten
Heather Stants of Urban Tribal
Fat Chance Belly Dance
Malia DeFelice
Gulabi Sapera
Hahbi Ru
Elizabeth Strong
Kami Liddle
Rachel Brice
Mardi Love
Zoe Jakes
The Yard Dogs Road Show
Suhaila Salimpour
Jamila Salimpour

Janelle Rodriguez & Desert Dream
YOGA Resources
Brooke Smokelin
Kofi Busia
Kelly Blaser
Kate Robbins
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Costuming and Dance Resources

Chantal Schoenherz Designs

Foolproof Designs
Beyond Konflict Jewelry and Hybrid Dance/Street Wear by Olivia Kissel

Medina Maitreya

Melodia Designs

Datura Dance Studio  Portland, OR

LisaLevine Jewelry & Healing arts Brooklyn, NY

Celest Duran Photography
Thomas Benschop
Willow Rose Photography
Tyler Green Photography 

Sharif Photography

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