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T_ChantiContemporary Belly Dance

NOTE: Tamara is in nursing school and not teaching during the school year of 2018/19, stay tuned for updates!

Contemporary Belly Dance -what is it?-  It’s the old & new school mashed up into a beautiful, creative stew & that’s why I LOVE it! I love the history and depth of the old and ancient movements of Belly Dance and the insane creativity available with Contemporary dance forms!  The fusion of  Contemporary forms with the ancient beauty of Belly Dance & other ethnic styles just seems to be the perfect mixture!

These classes & workshops are for the beginner as well as the more advanced student. We will drill the basics & work with belly dance isolations, modern movement & technique to take their dance to the next level with creative and complex choreography and combinations. Classes are structured to fit each students varying needs abilities!

Tamara’s classes offer beautifully complex cross training for dancers in other styles as well. No matter what your goals are, these classes will build strength, flexibility, creativity, and technique! & best of all, we will have some serious fun!

*bring your dance journal to take notes & water!

*contact Tamara Juel with questions at tamarajuelbooking@gmail.com or to register!

tj-tribalmassiveTamara Juel  teaches a Contemporary fusion style of belly dance since 1999. Her style is a unique  blend of  old school Turkish and Egyptian belly dance, Tribal Fusion,  Modern  & Contemporary dance styles.  She incorporates many ethnic dance stylings from Flamenco, Tango, various Indian dance styles, and more, as well as techniques and stylings from modern/contemporary, ballet, and jazz dance.
Tamara is a yoga student  since 1994 and has always shared her love and appreciation for yoga in her dance classes. She is a graduate of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy; Yoga/movement Therapy teacher training in 2011 &  Yoga/Movement Therapy Practitioner in 2014, with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in Bristol, Vermont. Her background as a Massage Therapist, Midwife assistant and Doula exemplify her understanding of anatomy and support her compassionate teaching style.
Her teaching style is thorough, challenging, varied to meet the needs of the class, and always fun. Tamara feels that in order to learn a new move/style/technique/or choreography, it is necessary to make it relevant.
So we are not just repeating steps, but making it personal and pouring ourselves into the dance, and though some of these steps are ancient and have been done a thousand times before,  just like love, it is individual, extremely complex, and beautiful each and every time. This is her mission as a teacher and performer.
She believes each dancer has something unique to express, and is humbled by the opportunity to assist in this unfolding.
Tamara would love to be part of your event.  For all booking inquiries go to Contact & Booking.


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